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Welcome To LPM-Online

Little Plastic Men Online is an extension of the LPM Subbuteo website at www.littleplasticmen.co.uk and here you can browse and purchase from a selection of quality Table Football equipment. If you are unsure of anything, have a look in the FAQ or send an email, the contact link is at the bottom of the page.

Please note that no vintage Subbuteo is bought by this site for re-sale (except LPM branded teams, which will always be bought back due to demand) and no general vintage Subbuteo valuations can be given by e-mail. We aim to supply nothing but the best quality available and only stock items that we are happy to hold in our own collection.

Please visit the main site at www.littleplasticmen.co.uk for a serious (and not so serious) look at the teams and accessories made by Subbuteo during the 1970's

With regret, LPM can not offer a bespoke painting service at this time and only the products shown for sale in the shop are available for immediate delivery.
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