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LPM-Online is currently....


Due to local post office staffing issues, order posting is now being made on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only.

14th April 2021

International orders seem to be back to normal, but, we're back into full lockdown again here in the UK. The shop will stay open but posting will be reduced to twice a week so expect some delays in delivery.

4th January 2021

UK International mail is currently suspended. Countries affected are in the bulletin below. Any orders from these affected countries will be posted as soon as the restrictions are lifted.


22nd Decembver 2020

Incoming full lockdown in the UK..... not closing this time but posting will be reduced to two times a week for the duration.
2nd November 2020

The posting frequency is now back to the good old days of next working day, however it appears the postal service has not recovered so swiftly and some parcels are taking longer than expected. If your in a rush for your order then please consider the signed for services in the checkout to hopefully speed things along.
29th July 2020

LPM-Online is now back online, however posting frequency is reduced to twice a week until further notice.
17th May 2020

LPM is now happy with the previous safety concerns around the picking and dispatch of orders and should be back online by the 16th/17th May - Parcels will not be dispatched as soon as recieved as in pre pandemic times and will now be done twice weekly, so please expect some delays.
13th May 2020

Ordering is now suspened due to the current events in the UK and around The World
23rd March 2020

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